Established in the early 1800s, Barnardsville sits quietly just north of Asheville, nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains like a deer in high grass. It’s far enough from city lights to make the night sky glisten and close enough to city life to make a night out exhilarating. A home here will have its own soundtrack of songbirds by day and cooing owls by night. Whether hiking to Douglas Falls, ziplining at Navitat Outdoor Center, or picnicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there’s plenty to do, or if you prefer, not do, in Barnardsville. Either way, Lusso Realty can help you establish your roots with a home in the heart of this rural serenity.


Homes in Barnardsville

26 Hyder
267 Holcombe Branch
267 Holcombe Branch
267 Holcombe Branch
35 Hillcrest
42 Hillcrest
157 Poverty
0 Paint Fork
0 Morgan Branch
1559 Seven Glens
478 Dillingham
770 Dillingham

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