Flat Rock

Flat Rock

Tucked just below Hendersonville and minutes away from South Carolina, Flat Rock is a historic residential community of just over three thousand folks. It’s most famous as the late-life home of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author Carl Sandburg. Sandburg’s 264-acre estate (the former Connemara) is now a U.S. National Historic Site which draws over 85,000 visitors per year. Flat Rock itself features quaint antique shops, local artisans and craftsmen, and dandy restaurants for regional cuisine. In the autumn, take a stroll through Flat Rock’s local orchards and treat yourself to a fresh, crisp apple. If Flat Rock sounds ideal, let Lusso Realty help you find your forever home. You’ll be on a wraparound porch reading Rootabaga Stories to your little ones in no time flat.


Homes in Flat Rock

207 Fern Creek
156 Overlook
15 Beaumont
121 Estate
102 Boyd
13 Sherwood
115 Founders
243 Highland Golf
512 Overlook
0 High Peak
11 Town
101 Boyd

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