At an elevation of 2000 feet, Leicester is a beautiful, verdant swath of rolling hillsides where your eyes are as likely to drink the amazing views as your spirit is to breathe the pristine mountain air. Located just northwest of Asheville, Leicester is a sparsely populated, rural area with a welcoming, community feel. Named after the Earl of Leicester by Frontiersman Leicester Chapman in the mid 1800s, locals will tell you that the name is pronounced “Lester,” but no matter how you say it, Leicester is a beautiful and inspiring place to make home.


Homes in Leicester

4 Magnolia Hill
186 Brookshire
40 Tipperary
111 Cardinal
11 Douglas
3 Crestview
2137 New Leicester
42 Chimney Crest
99999 Freemont
43 Cascade
99999 Freemont
56 Covered Bridge

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