Mars Hill

Mars Hill

Just “a stone’s throw” from the Tennessee border (about 11 miles to the north), Mars Hill, established as Pleasant Hill in 1856, is an oasis for the region’s rich, cultural heritage. Mars Hill University is both the centerpiece and perfect complement to the artists and patrons who share this community. Whether hiking Big Bald, skiing Wolf Ridge, browsing local shops, or enjoying a musical at the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, residents of Mars Hill revel in the many varied opportunities available. Lusso Realty understands the “lay of the land,” which means they can help you find the house in this beautiful place so that both become your home.


Homes in Mars Hill

0 Fern Hill
525 Cascade
520 Oak
63 Williams
102 Patriot
0 Red Sky
0 Rising Sun
0 Red Sky
90 Rising Sun
9 Mountain Gait
17 Mountain Gait
0 Smoke Vine

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