Marshall’s 100 year old courthouse, seemingly carved into the mountainside, watches over its one mile of Main Street while eyeing the rippling French Broad River running alongside. Like other small towns in Western North Carolina, Marshall, the county seat of Madison County, has developed into a multifaceted township as its deeply rooted heritage has opened up to allow modernity a place at its table. This is why it’s normal to hear an Appalachian string quartet playing next door to a museum hosting an avant-garde artist’s opening gala. From downtown, it is an easy walk over the bridge onto Blannahassett Island to enjoy a leisurely picnic or more live music. The French Broad River continues to roll through this picturesque town, inspiring and reminding its residents of the natural beauty all around and among them. Lusso Realty would love to show you the beautiful possibilities in and around Marshall.


Homes in Marshall

20 Walnut Creek
0 Blackberry Ridge
99 Rabbit
99999 Teague
38 Blackberry
0 Rabbit
253 Walnut Creek
0 Winding Ridge
1656 Grasslands
13 Sherwood
13 Moonshiners
25 Main

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